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ALLPRO Program Updates

A quick update on our programs before the holidays. Our weekly Quarterback training in Ottawa is starting on January 11th for grades 6-12 is filling up and as of today we only have one or two spots left so enroll now. This will start Tuesday January 11th in Sttittsville at the Mega Dome and follow each week. Looking forward to develop a bunch of rotational throwers!

We are bringing back our camp in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan on Sunday April 2nd and we have already gotten 16 campers enrolled! That is outstanding so early to get that many enrollments! We had over 100 campers last time we had this camp and we will expect to have big numbers again this year. It should be a great day of football and kids from across Sask and Manitoba will be attending! We will announce coaches after the holidays for this camp. As always enrollment is right here on the website so check it out!

Happy holidays everyone!

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