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WR Training

 Ottawa Mega Dome in Stittsville

  • Grades 6-12 eligible

  • Only 11 Spots to ensure personal coaching

  • $60.00 per session for Field Rental and 60 minutes of instruction from Coach LaPolice

  • No commitment to go to multiple sessions

We feel like their is a need for Receivers to be coached from

coaches who work at the highest and most technical level

to help grow there skills, sometimes that is missing in many         athletes development.  We know we can provide that.

Join long time CFL Coach Paul LaPolice and work on the fundamentals crucial to developing Receivers. Paul will give individual instruction to all Receivers and we will have

limited enrollment to ensure great 1 on 1 coaching. 

We have secured the entire field to give us the best

opportunity to be able to throw and work our Fundamentals.


We will start from the ground up and begin teaching the

simplest fundamentals and gradually progress 

to the finer points of playing the WR position in our sessions.

Make sure you get coached by the Pros and not someone 

who is not trained at teaching the fundamentals of Receivers.

WR Topics

Agilities & Conditioning


Catching the Football

Concentration Drills

Change of direction drills

Separating from defenders

Reading Defenses

Releases vs. Coverages

Route Running Fundamentals

Stance and Start

Vertical and Horizontal Motion

- Limited Spots -

Get ALLPRO Coaching!

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