Our goal is to concentrate on the fundamentals that are crucial in developing Quarterbacks and Receivers.

About Us

Our goal when we started these camps was to be able to concentrate on the basic fundamentals that are crucial to developing Quarterbacks and Receivers at any level.  We wanted to be able to have a camp that was less about football plays and more about spending time to perfect the fundamentals to be a great Quaterback and Receiver.

This year will be our 9th year running these camps and we continue to make sure that we do our best to make sure we have exclusive concentration on Quarterbacking and Receiving instructed by skilled coaches who have achieved measures of success in these two specific areas, either as players or as a coach

Paul LaPolice

Camp Director 

Head Coach



Hang with

your favorite pro's

What sets our camp apart from others and makes it one of the best camps in the country, is our staff is made up mostly of Canadian Football Coaches and players. 

This is a great camp to learn from the "Pros" and to become an "ALLPRO!"


Former Coaches 

Darvin Adams

Anthony Coombs

Nik Demski

Weston Dressler

Chris Getzlaf

Addison Richards

Buck Pierce

Bob Dyce

Paul LaPolice