Some of our favorite

Camp Pictures

Drop Drills with Coach Pierce and Coach Buettner

Working on our Upper body throwing fundamentals

Coach Dressler making sure we stay low in our cuts.

Coach Getzlaf talking about catching fundamentals.

Coach Schneider show what good ball carriage placement is.

Coach LaPolice getting everyone organized

Working on the level 2 throwing platform.

High Hands and look the ball into your hands.

Getting better today

ALLPRO camper getting better.

Coach Dressler coaching the guys.

Coach Pierce instructing an older camper.

Getting ready for our first QB and Receiver group period.

Footwork and ball carriage drills.

Free Massages for parents who came to Camp!!

Nothing like a free massage for Mom and Dad while watching.

Center and QB exchange and drop drills.

Young camper focused and ready to go

Leadership talks with Chris Getzlaf.

Leadership talks with Coach Dressler.

Leadership talks with Coach Richards

Campers picking up their pictures with the pros.

Having a Great lunch and watch CFL football.

Lunch Time!!

Lunch for hungry campers!

Coaches time to eat.

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