About Us

Over the past 2 years,  The ALLPRO QB & REC Camp was a huge success with over 50+ campers who had great day of learning the fundamentals of playing QB and Receiver. In February, we had over 100 campers in Saskatchewan. 


The Camp was well received by coaches, players and parents.  It was a great experience and we were able to coach fundamentals crucial to the success in the QB and Rec position.

Our Third year will be even better!  Our camp will have coaches and players from the CFL, people who coach and play as a profession.  Great teachers who will give you the most affordable specialized lessons you can get anywhere in the Country.

The Camp's goal is to be able to concentrate on the basic fundamentals that are crucial to developing Quarterbacks and Receivers at any level.  Campers will receive personal attention and feedback like the players in the CFL get.

Exclusive Concentration on Quarterbacking and Receiving instructed by skilled coaches who have achieved measures of success in these two specific areas, either as a players or as a coach.

Paul LaPolice

Camp Director

Offensive Coordinator   Winnipeg Blue Bombers